I have been really keen on psychology since I started my career. I started my career as a communicative English trainer while I was doing my graduation. I had worked as an administrator, Centre manager and Area manager before I became an entrepreneur. Therefore, I had to manage people from all walks of life. I realized that I can’t excel in professional life without learning psychology. I have done many courses in connection with psychology including MA Psychology, Mind mastery, Hypnosis, basic and advanced NLP workshops and Psycho -metric counselling course etc.

I have got several benefits in my personal and professional life after learning these courses. I could help a lot of students to solve their personal issues after learning psychology. Whatever I studied from the class, I discussed with my friends and applied in my training programs and therapies.

The World Health Organization [WHO] estimates that the numbers affected by neurological and mental disorders will increase over the next 20 years. According to WHO 70% of total world population will be under depression by 2020. The WHO presently ranks depression in 5th place. It is affected 400 million people across the world now. Experts say that mental health disorders ranging from depression to epilepsy will become the 2nd biggest common cause of death by 2020. According to United Nations Health the rise is mainly due to people are going through more stressful lives nowadays.

“Health is mentally, physically, socially and spiritual well being of a human being”. As I mentioned earlier, depression may affect anyone and it is one of the most widespread illness. According to the World mental health survey on average about one in twenty people reported having depression. Depression may lead to suicide. Almost 1 million people lives are lost yearly due to suicide which means 3000 deaths every day. The purpose of this writing is to empower people with mental health to take charge of their own illness and their lives. As a social being, it is our responsibility to educate the society the importance of mental health using the psychological counselling tools.

I would like to share the four psycho counselling tools in coming blogs.