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Hey there!  Mujeeb Rahman here from Kerala, India.
Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my About page.

Success Coach, CEO Adviser, HRD Consultant ,Hypnotic Counselling, Cambridge ESOL & IDP Australia Trained Trainer.

As a highly passionate Success Coach, CEO Advisor, HRD Consultant and Leadership Speaker, I have been transforming People’s Personal and Professional lives since 2005 through a variety of training seminars and workshops where I have covered areas such as Corporate Training, Employee Development, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, and Operation Management with world class content and I also do personal counselling and mentoring for CEOs to achieve their personal and professional mastery.

As a part of my beautiful vision “To Transform Enterprises & Lives of People” I’m extremely delighted to associate with any organizations or agencies who would love to change People’s lives. My mighty why is to become a world class Leadership Trainer like Robin Sharma and travel all over the world to transform the lives of the people.

My Core Leadership Values are Credibility & integrity, Nothing less than my absolute best, Under promise & Over delivery.

 I believe service to the humanity is the best service in the world .Work is ultimately about helping people & Helping people is the ultimate purpose.

– Credibility & Integrity.
– Nothing less than my absolute best.
– Under-promise & over delivery.

Transforming People’s Lives & Taking Enterprises to the Next Level.

Chief Mentor & Director (2020 - Present)
TALK10 Business
Director (2015 - Present)
Chief Coach & Managing Director (2014 – Present)
Greenlives Consulting, Coaching & Training Company
Chief Trainer & CEO (2013 - Present)
ZOD Finishing School
Managing Director (2009 – Present)
ZodEDU – An Institute for International English
Regional Manager Cum Trainer (2007 – 2009)
British Academy – Spoken English & Information Technology Malappuram Dist
Administrator Cum Trainer (2005 – 2007)
Oxford Academy Manjeri