Why do  Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, Nike, Apple, Facebook and other great companies or organisations deliver world-class Customer Service to their customers?

Their visionary management and great leaders realize that money spent on staff training is not an expense – It is an Investment

Why some companies make the leap and others don’t? 

The right people are your most important asset and the wrong people are your biggest liability. If you’ve got the right people in the company, the problem of how to motivate and manage them largely goes away. They are self-motivated by themselves to produce the best results. Great visions without the trained team are impossible.  

If your greatest resource is your team, then your biggest investment must be in your internal clients [staff]. Awesome success and profitability will never come into business without your internal clients So Develop them,  Train them and make them grow who are the heart and soul of your company. The machine can’t touch the emotions of the customers. All the fortune 500 companies train their employees. 

There are two clients in business: Internal clients and external clients. If your internal clients are not satisfied or unhappy, how can you make your external clients or customer satisfy and happy? The dissatisfaction and unhappiness spread to your customers or clients too..!

There are two things in all business;  Innovation and Marketing. Sales are pushing but marketing is Pulling. Pushing time is outdated and that’s not practical nowadays. The New Business Modal is pulling or attracting the customers to our products and services and exceptional Customer Service which means retain the current customers.

Business is nothing but Relationship. No Customer Satisfaction! No Business in the future!!. 

Principles of Customer Satisfaction

1.  Quality of care

2. Managing customer’s anxiety, fear and pain

3. Personal attention to everyone

4. Better Communication

5. Better Organization Culture


Always your Strategy Execution Partner

Mujeeb Rahman V.P

Chief Coach & CEO of greenlives Consulting, Coaching & Training