Corporate Trainer, CEO Advisor, IIM Certified Mentor for YIP (Kerala Development & Innovation Strategic Council) & Kerala Startup Mission. Hypnotic, Marketing & Sales Consultant.


Hey there!  Mujeeb Rahman here from Kerala, India.
Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my About page.

Success Coach, CEO Adviser, HRD Consultant ,Hypnotic Counselling, Cambridge ESOL & IDP Australia Trained Trainer.

As a highly passionate Success Coach, CEO Advisor, HRD Consultant and Leadership Speaker, I have been transforming People’s Personal and Professional lives since 2005 through a variety of training seminars and workshops where I have covered areas such as Corporate Training, Employee Development, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, and Operation Management with world class content and I also do personal counselling and mentoring for CEOs to achieve their personal and professional mastery.


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